Rottnest Lodge Redevelopment

Rottnest Island Authority (RIA) has approved a development application for the Rottnest Lodge site on the corner of Kitson Street and Digby Drive, Rottnest Island.

The proposal from Western Australian companies Place Development Australia and Pendulum Group includes over 100 rooms, dining yard and bar, coffee and gelato kiosk, function centre, guest pool and service areas.

A community information session was held for the proposal on Tuesday 21 September 2021; public comment was invited until Monday 11 October 2021.

A total of 23 submissions were received during the public consultation period, which included four from state government agencies. Of the 23 submissions received, 16 supported the application, five raised concerns and two objected.

A copy of the public submissions (names of the submitters have been removed) with a recommendation of how each of the matters have been addressed by the development assessment process is available here (PDF 900KB).

A copy of the approved plans, conditions of approval and 3D perspectives of the proposed development are available below:

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why is this proposal happening?

    The project is a key initiative of the Rottnest Island Management Plan 2020-24 to facilitate new private developments and specifically to re-create the Lodge in harmony with its natural setting, while respecting the solemn Aboriginal history of the area.

    RIA called for expressions of interest to redevelop the Rottnest Lodge site in March 2020. Six respondents were shortlisted and invited to submit detailed proposals against specific selection criteria including design, cultural and commercial factors. The submissions were assessed by an expert panel including representatives from RIA, Office of Government Architect, a representative of the Wadjemup Aboriginal Reference Group (WARG) and a Whadjuk Noongar Traditional owner.

  • Where is the Lodge located?

    The site is located between the Thomson Bay Settlement and the salt lakes on the corner of Kitson Street and Digby Drive.

  • Who is the proponent?

    Western Australia companies; Place Development Australia and Pendulum Group.

  • What is proposed for the site?

    The proposal includes over 100 accommodation rooms, dining yard and bar, kiosk for coffee and gelato, function centre, a guest pool and service areas. The ‘Gathering Ground’ will be a dedicated space that acknowledges the important cultural history of the Island - accommodating a series of public and private events, including ceremonies and culture sharing with the Noongar community. More details about the development are available on the proponent’s website.

  • Was community consultation undertaken as part of the development assessment process?

    Formal community consultation of the proposed development plans for tThe Lodge redevelopment was undertaken from September 6 to 27 2021, with all submissions presented and considered. RIA conditionally approved the development in December 2021 subject to a suite of conditions.

  • When will construction start and when will the project be completed?

    Redevelopment of the Lodge commenced in August 2022 with completion anticipated in late 2023

  • Will construction cause disruption to visitors?

    A Construction Management Plan has been developed to minimise impacts to Island visitors and businesses. However, there may? be some impact including noise and additional vehicle movements.

    Visitors could expect additional traffic to and from the construction area. Vehicles involved in the construction will be travelling via a pre-approved route from the Main Jetty to the site.

    Construction vehicles should be expected during construction hours, Monday- Saturday.

    The route construction vehicles will take has been devised to ensure minimal disruption to visitors and the environment. The route will take vehicles south along Henderson Avenue and along Brand way, before briefly heading on Digby Drive to access Boreham Way.

    For more details refer to the vehicle traffic map here.

  • Who do I contact if I have any issues? 

    Rottnest Island Authority is working closely with the proponent to ensure minimal impact on visitors.

    If you have any RIA accommodation related issues, please contact the Visitor Centre on 9372 9730.

  • How do I find out more project information?

    More details about the development are available on the developer’s website.

  • Will any accessways be affected?

    Boreham Way will be closed for the construction period.

    All surrounding Walking Trails will remain accessible to the public for most of the construction period. The Lakeside Path will be closed for a short period to facilitate pathway diversion and upgrade, . Closure of the path is scheduled for mid- 2023.

    General enquiries about the construction works or development can be emailed to

  • What is happening to the Quod building?

    The Quod is not included within The Lodge redevelopment site.

    The Lodge is situated next to the former Aboriginal prison building known as the "Quod". Whadjuk Noongar people will lead consultation on a proposal for the future of the Quod as part of The Wadjemup Project.

  • What is happening to the golf course?

    The Rottnest Lodge redevelopment is being progressed independently of the Rottnest golf course. RLR Holdings Pty Ltd has been granted a two-year lease of the golf course and club house until August 2024. For more information visit our website.