Samphire Staff Accommodation

Rottnest Island Authority is seeking public comment on a development application for staff accommodation for Samphire Rottnest on Parker Point Road, South Thomson, Rottnest Island.

The proposal consists of staff accommodation for up to 211 occupants encompassing:

  • 1 Site Manager’s Unit,
  • 5 Executive Manager Units,
  • 14 Managers’ Units,
  • 28 Supervisor Rooms,
  • 60 Key Worker Rooms, and
  • Communal facilities.

The proposed plans are available for inspection below:

  1. Development Application report
  2. Development Application drawings
  3. External finishes schedule
  4. Landscape report
  5. Bushfire report
  6. Civil report
  7. Electrical report
  8. Hydraulics report
  9. Samphire staff accommodation - stage and bed numbers

Comments must be submitted via email to the undersigned by 5pm on Wednesday, 31 August 2022.

J Banks
Executive Director
Rottnest Island Authority

 Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why is this proposal happening?

    A key initiative of the Rottnest Island Management Plan 2020-24 is to facilitate new private developments and specifically for commercial developments to provide housing for their staff. Currently, staff housing availability on Rottnest Island is particularly constrained during the peak summer season and is under increasing pressure throughout the year.

    The development will provide additional staff housing for people working at Hotel Rottnest and Samphire Rottnest.

  • Where is the development located?

    The site is located within the Thomson Bay Settlement Area on Parker Point Road, South Thomson.

  • Who is the proponent?

    Garrett Hospitality is the proponent for the development. Garrett Hospitality is the operator of Hotel Rottnest, Isola and Samphire Rottnest. The proposed development was designed by Perth firm, Christou. 

  • What is proposed for the site?

    Staff accommodation for up to 211 occupants - 1 Site Manager’s Unit, 5 Executive Manager Units, 14 Managers’ Units, 28 Supervisor Rooms, 60 Key Worker Rooms and communal facilities.

  • When will construction start and when will the project be completed?

    Stage 1 development is anticipated to start in early 2023 with completion to be confirmed.

  • Will construction cause disruption to visitors?

    The construction phase will require a construction and traffic management plan to minimise impacts to Island visitors and businesses.

  • What approvals are being sought for the site?

    Rottnest Island Authority has submitted an Activity Notice to South West Aboriginal Land and Sea Council and will lodge a Native Vegetation clearing permit with the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation in relation to any vegetation clearing required.

  • What happens after the end of public consultation?

    Rottnest Island Authority (RIA) will make its final decision on the development application following public consultation and assessment of the application. All persons and organisations that made a submission during the comment process will be informed in writing of RIA’s determination and this will generally occur within 30 days of the development application being determined. Submissions that are not marked by the submitter as confidential may be published on RIA’s website (with names removed) and may be publicly accessible.