Maintaining your Authorised User Permit

How to manage your authorised user status

Authorised users pay an annual fee which grants permission to use a licensee’s mooring site, access the Shared Mooring System (SMS), and covers their annual vessel admission. After receiving your yellow permit sticker and displaying it on your vessel, there are a few more recommended steps to take in maintaining your Authorised User status; below you’ll find an overview of the key management processes.

Changing your contact details

It is important to advise Rottnest Island Authority (RIA) in writing when your contact details change. This ensures that you can be contacted about your authorised user permit when required. Simply email RIA Marine Administration from your nominated email address, to update your contact details if they have changed.

Only the person named as the authorised user permit holder can request alterations to the information recorded in the register in their name, and they can do this by making a written request to RIA. Changes, removal, or provision of information cannot be requested by any other party. Also, please note that your authorised user status and mooring site access may not be transferred to any other person.

Obtain an Additional Mooring Site Authorisation from a Licensee

Existing permit holders, can complete a Mooring Site Authorisation Form to obtain authorisation for additional mooring site from a licensee.

Selling your authorised vessel

If you no longer own your authorised vessel, you must advise RIA in writing. All authorised user permit stickers for that season must be removed before selling or disposing of the authorised vessel, and all stickers issued for that vessel for that season must be returned to RIA as soon as possible. Failure to return stickers to RIA upon the sale or disposal of a vessel may result in the cancellation of the authorised user permit and forfeit of any applicable refunds.

Email RIA Marine Administration to advise of the sale of your authorised vessel

After the sale or disposal has been processed, you may register a new vessel to your permit.

Stickers can be returned to:

Marine Administration
Rottnest Island Authority
PO Box 693
Fremantle, WA 6959

Provided that the requirements outlined above have been met, you can register a new vessel for your authorised user permit at a later date; fees paid for that season can be held to be transferred to another suitable vessel prior to the end of that boating season.

If your authorised vessel is not substituted before the end of the season on 31 August, your authorised user permit fees will be forfeited. Mooring site authorisations granted to you will be revoked and your authorised user permit will be cancelled. In the new season, you will be able to apply for a new authorised user permit for your new vessel.

Cancelling your authorised user permit

If you have sold your authorised vessel and do not wish to substitute it for another, you may be eligible for a refund at the time of your authorised user permit cancellation. Refunds are subject to all current-season stickers for that vessel being returned to RIA. for the cancellation of your authorised user permit. Cancellations can be requested from RIA Marine Administration at Please refer to the refund and cancellation policy for further details.

Substitute your authorised vessel

An authorised user permit holder may substitute their nominated authorised vessel for another recreational vessel owned by them. The application form must be completed and mailed to RIA Marine Administration, along with a copy of its certificate of registration and all stickers issued for your prior vessel for that season. The new vessel must be insured with the required level of third-party legal liability.

Substitutions are subject to the new vessel being a suitable fit for the mooring site, and all stickers issued for the prior vessel for that season being returned.

Additional authorised user fees and annual admission fees may apply if the new vessel is larger than the previously licenced vessel. Please see the mooring site licence fees for more information.

Completed applications and returned stickers can be posted to:

Marine Administration
Rottnest Island Authority
PO Box 693
Fremantle, WA 6959


RIA may audit an authorised user permit holder in writing at any time to confirm or update their particulars, and to verify their vessel ownership and insurance requirements. Failure to respond to a given notice within the allowable time, or if RIA is satisfied that the authorised permit holder or the vessel nominated no longer meets the conditions and requirements, may result in the cancellation of the authorised user permit. In these circumstances, RIA are not required to refund any annual admission fee payment or authorised user fee payment made for that season.