Licensed Moorings Explained

Become a licensee for private mooring use

If you are a frequent visitor to Wadjemup / Rottnest Island, you may wish to become a mooring licensee. With private access to your own licensed mooring, you can enjoy regular visits and assign authorised user status  to boat users among your friends and family. Licensees are responsible for the maintenance of their mooring and must pay an annual fee to their chosen mooring contractor to retain it. To become a mooring site licensee you can apply to be placed on the waiting list of your nominated mooring area.

Confirm your eligibility for a licensed mooring

Before preparing your application, it is best to confirm whether or not you meet the eligibility rules. The required personal criteria and vessel criteria are listed below. Rottnest Island Authority recommends reviewing this information and ensuring you are eligible to join the waiting list before beginning the process.

Personal eligibility criteria

●    Your principal place of residence must be within Western Australia.

●    Your name must appear on the electoral roll as an elector under the Electoral Act 1907.

●    Must be named as a registered owner of your recreational vessel on the certificate of registration issued by the Department of Transport for the vessel you nominate in your application.

●    Own at least 25 percent of the net worth of the vessel you nominate in your application.

●    Do not already have an application recorded on the waiting list in your name, and do not hold a mooring site licence in your name.

Vessel eligibility criteria

●    Must be a recreational vessel registered in Western Australia with the Department of Transport.

●    The registration status must be current at time of application. Must have a registered length of at least 6.4 metres.

●    Be a sailing vessel or have its own form of self-propulsion capable of achieving a speed of five knots.

●    Must be covered under an insurance policy with the required level of third party legal liability.

●    Must not already be nominated by another owner of the vessel under any other permit application, application recorded on a waiting list, and is not a licensed vessel or an additional vessel for any other mooring site.

Preparing your mooring licence application

Before submitting your application, you’ll need to gather any required supporting documents. Once you’ve completed this checklist, you’re ready to apply.

●    Firstly, complete a copy of the application form (PDF - 204KB) and sign your declaration.

●    Secondly, confirm that your details on the Western Australian electoral roll are current and correct. If you are registered as a silent elector, contact the Western Australian Electoral Commission for an electronic copy of your evidence of enrolment.

●    Thirdly, obtain an electronic copy of your vessel’s certificate of registration through DoTDirect. Confirm that your registration is current and that the certificate includes the following information:

○    Your name as a registered owner
○    Registration number
○    Registered length
○    Date of registration expiry
○    Hull Identification Number (HIN)
○    Make
○    Manufacturer

●    If your vessel is registered with the Department of Transport in your business name, you’ll need one more document; a Western Australia Statutory Declaration, physically signed in the presence of an authorised witness. This must declare your association with the business and indicate on what grounds you are considered a legal individual owner of the registered vessel via that association.

How to submit your mooring licence application

With the above steps completed, it’s time to submit your application. Simply attach your application form and supporting documents to a single email and send it to Rottnest Island Authority Marine Administration at Once your submitted application has been assessed and approved, a $60 non-refundable waitlist application fee is payable after submission.

If your application is complete and meets all eligibility requirements, RIA will advise your position on your nominated bay’s waiting list. If your application is incomplete or ineligible, you will be notified by email.

About the licensed mooring waitlist

To ensure a fair system for all who wish to obtain a licensed mooring, boat owners may only be registered on one waitlist at any given time. Only one vessel may be nominated for each application to prevent misuse.

Boat owners are advised that due to high demand, waitlist times can be substantial; the average wait is approximately 5-10 years. Therefore, RIA is unable to provide estimated dates for licensed mooring availability.

Holding a place on the waitlist does not permit boat owners to utilise the Shared Mooring System (SMS). If you would like to use the system whilst waiting for a licensed mooring, you can apply for an authorised user permit. For more information on authorised user access and the application requirements, visit the Authorised Users  page.

Fees for licensed moorings

Licensees pay two annual fees which cover the boating season from 1 September until 31 August; a mooring site licence fee and an admission fee.

Mooring site licence fees vary based on the registered length of the largest licensed vessel that will be moored.

●    10 metres or less: $ 1,130
●    More than 10 metres: $1,130 plus $113 per metre over 10 metres

Annual admission fees apply to individual vessels. The fee for each vessel is also calculated based on its registered length. Visit the Admission Fees page for an overview of applicable costs.

Read licensed mooring terms and conditions
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