Casual User Moorings

Use licensed moorings on a casual basis

Outside of their allocated mooring, licensees can enjoy casual access to other moorings around the island, and this casual mooring use is included within the fees already paid by licensees. This page provides details about conditions of use and how to use a casual user mooring through the Shared Mooring System (SMS).

Authorised users can also access casual moorings whenever they would like to, but they will have to move if the licensee or authorised user assigned to the mooring requests them to.

How to access casual user moorings

Licensees and authorised users can use moorings casually on a first-in/best-served basis as a part of the SMS. Hire bookings are not required and no additional fees are payable.

Each mooring will display a colour-coded disc; during casual access, only use moorings which match the same colour marked on your licensee or authorised user sticker. Boat owners are reminded that licensees retain priority access to their own moorings at all times. Authorised users hold priority over casual users.

When using a mooring casually, you must ensure a competent operator is always available to move the boat if a priority user wishes to moor there. If needed, the boat operator can leave their vessel for a maximum of 20 minutes; however, a phone number must be displayed on the vessel and they must always remain contactable while mooring.

Read authorised user terms and conditions

Replace a lost or damaged authorised user sticker