Authorised User Permit

Becoming authorised to use licensed moorings

If you don't have your own licensed mooring at Rottnest Island, there is another way to access one. An authorised user is a boat owner that has been granted permission by a licensee to use their mooring site through the Shared Management System (SMS). Typically, an authorised user is a boat owner that the licensee knows personally, such as a friend or family member; however, Rottnest Island Authority (RIA) also accepts applications from boat owners who have not been nominated by a licensee. Read on for details about becoming an authorised user and an overview of the fees and conditions involved.

How to become an authorised user

You must submit an application (PDF 479KB), receive approval, pay an annual fee, and display a valid authorised user yellow sticker issued by RIA before accessing any licensed moorings.Verbal or written authorisation from a licensee does not permit you to become an authorised user.

The authorised user application form 2022-2023 (PDF - 479KB) includes details for submitting your application and noting your licensee’s nomination (if applicable). If you have not been nominated by a licensee, RIA may be able to allocate you a suitable mooring, depending on availability.

Fees applicable to authorised users

Authorised users pay two annual fees which cover the boating season from 1 September until 31 August; an authorised user permit fee and an annual admission fee. Penalties apply for any use of a licensed mooring without the appropriate permit sticker.

Authorised user permit fees are payable after an authorised user application has been approved by RIA; the fee amount varies based on the registered length of the authorised vessel.

●    Authorised user fee (per metre) : $57

●    Authorised user permit applications made after 1 April may receive a pro-rata discount.

Annual admission fees apply to individual vessels. The fee for each vessel is also calculated based on its registered length. Visit the admission fees  page for an overview of applicable costs.

Read authorised user terms and conditions

Replace a lost or damaged authorised user sticker