Licensed Moorings & Permits

Your options for accessing licenced moorings

For those arriving at Rottnest Island by private vessel, a wide variety of mooring buoys and pens are available around the island; accessed through four different usage options administered by Rottnest Island Authority (RIA). Whether you’re a frequent visitor or simply taking a one-off day trip, the information below will assist you in determining which mooring option is best suited to your visit.

Conditions of mooring use

In order to secure your vessel to a mooring, it must meet some criteria:

●    It has to be the licensed, additional, or authorised vessel of that mooring, and the person who secured the vessel must be a mooring site licensee or authorised user.
●    The vessel must exhibit, so that it’s clearly visible from the exterior, the RIA-issued sticker identifying it as the licensed, additional, or authorised vessel of the mooring site.


●    A rental licence fee specifying that vessel has been paid in relation to the mooring site.