Scheduled Works & Service Improvements

Works and service improvements are conducted periodically across Rottnest Island. 

A range of projects are currently underway to refresh and revitalise Rottnest Island facilities. These works aim to enhance the visitor experience and to preserve the Island long term. 

Please refer to this list for updates on works taking place and how they may impact your visit.

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Last reviewed: 28 November 2022

  • Planned Outages

    There are currently no planned outages.

  • Main Jetty Works Program | May to December

    Location: Main Jetty
    Commencing: May 2022
    Completion: early December 2022


    Rottnest Island Main Jetty is undergoing a significant upgrade which is expected to be completed in early December 2022.

    The open pile structure that forms Berths 4 and 5 has been demolished after reaching the end of its design life. The berths are now being reconstructed to provide up to 50 more years of service to the Island.

    The new concrete deck area will be 5m longer and almost 5m wider to match the end of Berth 3. The additional length will allow for safe clearances for future ferry berthing and the extra width eases congestion in peak times on the Jetty. The new Jetty will consist of reinforced concrete panels supported on steel piles, similar to the existing Jetty. A sheet pile wave screen will also be installed on Berth 5 to provide better operability on Berth 4 during strong northerly winds. 

    There are a number of accommodation units in North Thomson that face the Main Jetty and may be impacted by this project. These units have been sold to overnight guests who will be advised of the works ahead of their arrival when further details of the project schedule are known. 

    From late July to mid October, a pile driving hammer will operate between 30-40 minutes, several times a day between 7.00 am and about 5.30 pm (weather dependent)
    An average of four piles will be driven each week for approximately 10 weeks. All reasonable precautions will be taken to minimise noise impact.

    Rottnest Island Authority (RIA) has contracted Geomarine Pty Ltd to undertake the project which has been made possible by funds from the State Funded capital program for marine infrastructure on Rottnest Island.

  • Pest bird management | November to December

    Location: Golf Course
    Commencing: 28 November 2022
    Completion: 9 December 2022


    A program of active pest bird management will take place from 28 November to 9 December.

    Animal Pest Management Services (APMS) have been contracted to undertake the program which includes trapping and shooting to cull ravens and gulls.

    The program has been developed in response to a recent rise in the number of incidents relating to pest birds and complaints from island visitors, and increasing impacts on native species.

    The program is licenced by the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions (DBCA). The contractor holds all relevant firearms licences to undertake the program.

    The firearm program will use .22 calibre air-powered rifles (excluding Saturday December 2 and Sunday December 3) and start at first light (approximately 5.30am) until 7.00am.

    All culling activities have been approved by DBCA. A firearms management plan has also been reviewed by DBCA and Rottnest Island Police.

    During the firearm activities the golf course will be closed to all visitors and APMS staff (“spotters”) will be in place to prevent unauthorised entry.

  • The Causeway Road Repairs | November to December

    Location: The Causeway
    Commencing: 28 November 2022
    Completion: 3 December 2022


    Erosion of part of the north side of The Causeway during winter has created a risk to the stability of the road surface.

    Contractors will undertake works to repair the road from 28 November from 8.00 am to 4.00 pm each day.

    To allow the works to be completed as quickly as possible, The Causeway will be closed to all traffic including pedestrians and bicycles during this period.

    Traffic controllers will be on site to direct traffic along a detour around Geordie Bay Road and Defence Road for the duration of the works.

  • Addition of Ablution Block | November

    Location: Samphire Resort, 1 Bedford Ave
    Commencing: Mid November
    Completion: Late November 2022


    Installation of a prefabricated ablution block to service the pool and restaurant area at Samphire Resort. The Ablution Block will contain three washrooms and pool storage.

    Suitable fencing and signage will be in place to secure the site from the public, Samphire guests and wildlife prior to commencement of works. Traffic management will be in place for vehicles, pedestrians and bicycles.

    There may be noise disruption to guests during site works. Public access to Samphire Resort will not be impacted.

  • Gateway furniture reoiling | November

    Location: The Gateway
    Commencing: 15 November
    Completion: 23 November


    Potential impacts include reduced seating and shade areas during works. Impacted pedestrian movements due to areas being tapped / bunted off.

    Disruptions may occur when undertaking works in a busy location, the staged work approach and undertaking some of the work in an afterhours capacity will minimise the disruptions and will ensure there is always shade and seating options still available for island visitors while the works are being undertaken.

    All shops will remain accessible during the works.

  • Improvements to ground surfaces and walking paths | October to December

    Location: Kingstown, Fays Bay, Geordie Bay, South Thomson, Oliver Hill & Wadjemup Hill
    Commencing: October 2022
    Completion: December 2022


    Works are being undertaking across various parts of the island to improve ground surfaces including walking paths. The areas include Kingstown, Fays Bay, Geordie Bay, South Thomson, Oliver Hill and Wadjemup Hill.

    Some of the work areas may contain errant fragments of asbestos in the surrounding soil. The ground improvement works may include removal of some asbestos from these work areas.

    At South Thomson, new limestone pathways are being constructed to provide defined access routes, predominantly for visitor access to the rear courtyard of their units.

    The works are expected to have low impact on guests, however, there may be periods when works occur when nearby units are occupied.

    -Fays Bay - 24-25 October
    -Geordie Bay - 26-27 October
    -South Thomson - 14-24 November
    -Oliver Hill - Early to mid-November
    -Wadjemup Hill - Mid-November

  • Infrastructure Services for Pop-Up Locations | October to November

    Location: Main Bus Stop, Mezzanine, Somerville Drive, The Basin
    Commencing: 24 October 2022
    Completion: 30 November 2022


    Infrastructure services will be installed, with some civil and landscaping works, at the following locations where it is planned to position pop-up food vendors during peak holiday periods:

    -Main Bus Stop on Bedford Ave, adjacent to Ticket Booth
    -Mezzanine area, between shopping mall and Visitor Centre
    -Somerville Dve, adjacent to Lomas Cottage
    -The Basin, adjacent to bike path to Longreach Bay

    Potential impacts include:

    -Brief road/path closures,
    -Traffic management and detours in place for vehicles, bikes and pedestrians
    -Night time power outages (localised)

  • The Lodge Redevelopment | July to November 2023

    Location: The Lodge, Boreham Way
    Commencing: Mid July 2022
    Completion: November 2023


    The Lodge Redevelopment will broaden accommodation on the Island by upgrading existing buildings and providing additional facilities. There will be no public access to Boreham Way until the end of the redevelopment works. There will be an increase in traffic along Digby Drive, Brand Way, Parker Point Road and the aerodrome site. There may be noise disruption during site works, particularly during demolition. Some minor impacts on services may occur.

  • The Salt Store Concrete Panels and Joints | July to October

    Location: Paving in front of Salt Store
    Commencing: Mid-August 2022
    Completion: 31 October 2022


    Repairs are underway to replace joints and concrete panels that are posing safety risks for cyclists in the area.

    Access to the repair areas will be restricted and may impact cyclists using the area. The cycle path from the Mall to Henderson Drive will be impacted.

    Concrete panel replacement will impact pedestrians and cyclists.