Scheduled Works & Service Improvements

Works and service improvements are conducted periodically across Rottnest Island. 

A range of projects are currently underway to refresh and revitalise Rottnest Island facilities. These works aim to enhance the visitor experience and to preserve the Island long term. 

Please refer to this list for updates on works taking place and how they may impact your visit.

For further information on planning your visit to the Island, visit

Last reviewed: 8 August 2022

  • Main Jetty Works Program | May to November

    Location: Main Jetty
    Commencing: May 2022
    Completion: Late November 2022


    As the main gateway to Rottnest Island, the Main Jetty will undergo a significant upgrade from May 2022 until late November 2022.

    The open pile structure that forms Berths 4 and 5 is reaching the end of its design life and will be demolished and reconstructed this year to provide up to 50 more years of service to the Island.

    The new concrete deck area will be 5m longer and almost 5m wider to match the end of Berth 3. The additional length will allow for safe clearances for future ferry berthing and the extra width eases congestion in peak times on the Jetty. The new Jetty will consist of reinforced concrete panels supported on steel piles, similar to the existing Jetty. A sheet pile wave screen will also be installed on Berth 5 to provide better operability on Berth 4 during strong northerly winds. 

    There are a number of accommodation units in North Thomson that face the Main Jetty and may be impacted by this project. These units have been sold to overnight guests who will be advised of the works ahead of their arrival when further details of the project schedule are known. 

    From late July to early September, a pile driving hammer will operate for intermittent periods of about half an hour at a time, several times a day between 7.00 am and about 5.30 pm. Three or four piles will be driven each week for approximately 10 weeks. All reasonable precautions will be taken to minimise noise impact.

    Rottnest Island Authority (RIA) has contracted Geomarine Pty Ltd to undertake the project which has been made possible by funds from the State Funded capital program for marine infrastructure on Rottnest Island.

  • The Lodge Redevelopment | July to TBA

    Location: The Lodge, Boreham Way
    Commencing: Mid July 2022
    Completion: Late 2023


    The Lodge Redevelopment will broaden accommodation on the Island by upgrading existing buildings and providing additional facilities. There will be no public access to Boreham Way until the end of the redevelopment works. There will be an increase in traffic along Digby Drive, Brand Way, Parker Point Road and the aerodrome site. There may be noise disruption during site works, particularly during demolition. Some minor impacts on services may occur.

  • The Salt Store Concrete Panels and Joints | July to September

    Location: Paving in front of Salt Store
    Commencing: July 2022
    Completion: 15 September 2022


    Repairs are underway to replace joints and concrete panels that are posing safety risks for cyclists in the area.

    Access to the repair areas will be restricted and may impact cyclists using the area. The cycle path from the Mall to Henderson Drive will be impacted.

    Concrete panel replacement will impact pedestrians and cyclists.

  • Installation of new water mains | August to November

    Location: Longreach Bay, Fays Bay & South Thomson
    Commencing: August 2022
    Completion: November 2022


    New water mains will be installed in South Thomson, Longreach Bay and Fays Bay over the 2022 winter period.  The Longreach Bay and Fays Bay areas will be closed to the public from August until the September school holidays.

    The South Thomson work area is already closed to the public due to the ongoing accommodation refurbishments.

    Access from Longreach Bay to The Basin via the cycle path will be maintained. Traffic management will be in place to facilitate this access when the contractor is working in the southern end of Longreach Bay. Barricading and traffic management will be in place during works around the Geordie Bay shops precinct and at the Geordie Bay bus loop.

    Traffic management will also be in place when the contractor is working in the vicinity of Parker Point Road for the South Thomson works.

  • Lomas Cottage Refurbishment | May to August

    Location: Lomas Cottage
    Commencing: May 2022
    Completion: August 2022


    Lomas Cottage is closed to the public for refurbishments and is due to reopen mid-August.

  • Wastewater System | March to September

    Location: North Thomson
    Commencing: March 2022
    Completion: September 2022


    Parts of the island’s wastewater system date back over 40 years and need significant upgrade to meet contemporary demand. Between March and June 2022, works will be undertaken on the primary sewer pump station on North Thomson beach to upgrade the pump station and in August and September to install emergency storage tanks. Four RIA accommodation units in North Thomson will be occupied by contractors during this period.

  • South Thomson Accommodation | May to September

    Location: South Thomson
    Commencing: May 2022
    Completion: September 2022


    Works are anticipated to commence in South Thomson to refurbish accommodation units from early-May 2022 to September 2022. 48 units of Rottnest Island Authority accommodation in this area will be closed to guests during this period, though some units will be occupied by contractors.

  • Roadworks | February to TBA

    Location: Parker Point Road - South Thomson, Parker Point Road - Six Seasons Shelter, Longreach Asphalt Patching.
    Commencing:  February 2022
    Completion: TBA


    During the Parker Point Road shoulder repairs expect traffic restrictions and reduced lane width. Traffic will be under management through these sections. Reduced speed requirements will be implemented along Parker Point Road – South Thomson and at the Six Seasons Shelter. Possible short delays when passing construction sites.

  • Visitor Centre Ablutions Expansion Works | March to August

    Location: Rear of the Visitor Centre
    Commencing: March 2022
    Completion: August 2022


    The Visitor Centre toilets will be closed for upgrade works to improve the amenity and number of toilets available at the facilities.

    The nearest alternative toilet facilities are:

    -opposite the Wadjemup Museum on Digby Drive,
    -opposite the main Bus Stop on Henderson Avenue, and
    -south of Dome Café on Colebatch Avenue.