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Quintillon School took its annual holiday on rotto

The classrooms were abandoned as the Quintilian School took its annual holiday to Rottnest Island, with over 400 children, parents and teachers spending the weekend together.

For over 17 years, families and teachers from the Quintilian School, Mount Claremont have travelled to Rottnest Island together. This year children enjoyed activities such as “Tour de Rotto” on bikes; geocaching, Pirate Pete, a sandcastle competition and a train ride to Oliver Hill with some kids racing the train.

The riders won convincingly and a nine-year-old on a bike without gears still managed to beat the train, which travels at 20 km/hr.

The legendary golden quokka hunt was the highlight of the weekend where teachers and council members dressed up in costumes. The children had to find clues to solve the puzzle, with the winners being awarded the coveted golden quokka trophy.

Principal Neil Collins said The Quintilian School encourages experimentation, problem solving and integrated curricula, which aims to keep learning exciting and relevant.

 "Day-to-day experiences at school must be enriched by real life experiences and Rottnest Island is the perfect outdoor environment for this, as it has a wonderful array of activities and learning opportunities for primary aged children,” he said.

The weekend was a huge success and the Rottnest School Camp is one of the highlights on the Quintilian calendar.  It is a wonderful occasion where children, parents and teachers can holiday together like one big family.