PSHB Tree Management on Rottnest Island

Fig Tree, Rottnest Island

In the coming year, Rottnest Island Authority will undertake scheduled tree maintenance on Wadjemup / Rottnest Island.

All work will be conducted by certified arborists and supervised by Department of Primary Industry and Regional Development (DPIRD) and/or Authority staff.

This program has been developed in response to a number of factors including, ageing trees, disease and pest, including the discovery of Polyphagous Shot-Hole Borer (PSHB).

In 2022, DPIRD confirmed detection of an exotic beetle, PSHB in the Perth metropolitan area, including Rottnest Island.

About the size of a sesame seed, the PSHB excavates tunnels in trees and there they cultivate fungus as a food source. This fungus spreads in the tunnels disrupting the flow of water and nutrients.

There is no known effective chemical treatment for PSHB, so the Rottnest Island Authority has been working with the DPIRD to safely manage infested trees through tip pruning or tree removal.

Other works will continue throughout the year to manage ageing trees on the island. Proactive tree management, including removing and replacing trees, is a necessary step towards preserving the health of the island’s environment and the safety of visitors.

For more information about the management of PSHB, including the Quarantine Area map, visit