Nat Locke: ‘Ugly’ Rottnest Turbine Claims Just Hot Air

Nat Locke Dismisses Tony Abbott's Statements

LET’S talk about wind. Not the sort that makes babies grimace and cry. More the sort that makes prime ministers grimace and cry. The sort that whips your hair about and also makes energy.

I’ll admit it — I was astounded when the Prime Minister declared that the lone wind turbine on Rottnest Island was unappealing to his eye. So much so, in fact, that he held it up as the prime example of why he thinks wind farms should never have been encouraged in the first place. Ugly and noisy, he said.

With all due respect, is he mental? Has he ever been to a coal-fired power station? Has he ever hung around a diesel-fuelled generator? If it was a beauty pageant, they’d be no Megan Gale, put it that way.

Nat Locke Dismisses Tony Abbott - Nat Locke, Perth Now, 26 June 2015