Chef’s summer salad surprise

Chef's summer salad surprise

DOME Rottnest head chef Nicholaus Mailenzun has put together his first summer menu for the Rottnest Island café. 

Mailenzun described the new menu as “fresh” with lots of salads. 
“I really like the salads, especially the beef salad that brings together staples from all over the world,” he said. 
“But the salmon nicoise is my favourite. 
“It has a nice balance bringing classic French to Australia.” 
Mailenzun is inspired by the natural ingredients found on Rottnest. 
“I do a lot of bushwalking, where I make a dish with all the natural ingredients from the Island,” he said. 
“There’s plenty of seafood like crayfish, taylor, sea snails and there’s rosemary everywhere on the island.” 
The Rottnest local and selftrained chef has been on the island for three years and started as a kitchen hand at Dome before taking over as head chef in April last year. 
He was inspired by the discipline of the previous head chef. 
“He took me under his wing because he knew I was interested in learning to cook… he taught me everything I know,” Mailenzun said. 
“His discipline and work ethic was second to none. 
“During my first summer (as a chef), I was amazed at how physically demanding the job was.” 
Mailenzun got to brush shoulders with his idol, French chef Dominique Crenn, late last year when she visited the Island and Dome.
“It’s the first time I’ve been star-struck,” he said.

Chef’s summer salad surprise - Denise S. Cahill, Western Suburbs Weekly, 7 February 2017