Quokka Big Birthday Weekend Success

The Noongar season of Djilba, known as first spring, is a transitional time where the weather warms up and wildlife thrive on an abundance of seeds and berries.

The Wadjemup / Rottnest Island landscape comes to life as trees and plants begin to flower, and birds return to the island in preparation for nesting and rearing chicks.

For one of the island’s most iconic animals and favourite marsupials, this time of the year is when new quokka joeys peek out from their mother’s pouches and venture out into the world.  

It’s why in September the Rottnest Island Authority (RIA) celebrates the Little Quokka's Big Birthday – an annual event, with a program packed with live entertainment, sensory play, art and craft activities, photography workshops and eco education.

This year, the event was extended over the 16 – 17 September weekend and was a success with visitors of all ages exploring the island and learning more about its natural wonders, heritage and culture.

The meet and greet with the island’s rangers to learn more about the quokka joeys was also very popular.

For more information about future events and activities on the island, please visit: www.rottnestisland.com.