Renewable and Electrical Infrastructure

WA Government program for infrastructure upgrades for the Island’s renewable and electrical infrastructure.

Project Description

The WA Government has invested $54.8 million for vital infrastructure upgrades to Rottnest Island's energy assets to support expanded growth.

Strengthening the Island's infrastructure is a strategic focus area of the Rottnest Island Management Plan 2020-24 (RIMP). The project will help to meet the needs of increasing visitation and ensure the long-term sustainability of Rottnest Island. 

Project Key Features

This major investment will see renewables power 75 per cent of the Island's energy needs and provide the network improvements necessary to move towards 100% renewable generation in the future.

Funding of renewable energy will significantly reduce the Island's reliance on fossil fuels by: 

  • Doubling the current solar generation capacity at the existing solar farm near the airport;
  • Replacing the existing wind turbine generator on Mt Herschel with two smaller contemporary units, ;
  • Increasing practical capacity and efficiency;
  • Installing a utility-scale battery storage solution; and
  • Upgrading the power distribution network.

Network upgrades will also enable the phasing out of LPG appliances and consideration of renewable sources of power for the Island's fleet of vehicles.

Estimated Project Completion

June 2026


This project has been made possible by funding from the State Government of Western Australia.