South Thomson Seawall

The shoreline of South Thomson Bay has experienced an ongoing trend of erosion which is expected to impact Rottnest Island Authority holiday accommodation units on Vlamingh Way.

Project description

To remedy erosion at the site, a limestone sea wall will be constructed to provide at least 50 years of protection to accommodation units.

The project will seek to:

  • Use materials consistent with the natural aesthetic of the island such as limestone,
  • Minimise both the scale of the structure while maintaining structural integrity, and the footprint and impact to visual amenity,
  • Maintain beach amenity and access, and 
  • Improve the level of foreshore amenity such as vegetation and trees. 

Estimated project completion

July 2022

View current impacts of the works here.

Visual representation of planned sea wall at South Thomson.


This project has been made possible by funding from the Department of Transport’s Hotspot Coastal Adaptation and Protection (H-CAP) Major Project Fund and State Funding for Maritime Infrastructure.