Sea lion's sneak 'attack' filmed by diver

Sea lions sneak attack filmed by diver

If sea lions are the dogs of the ocean, then biting heads might just be the underwater equivalent of sniffing butts.

Freediver and filmmaker Andy McGregor and his mate Alexei McKay were hunting for lobsters off Rottnest Island in Western Australia when they encountered a bunch of sea lions.
Underwater footage shows the creatures repeatedly coming up to the pair and taking a nip at their noggins.
It sounds terrifying.
Because while they look with quite cute, sea lions still have a decent set of chompers.
If you had the choice, you'd probably opt not to have these fangs dug into your skull.
And with the average male weighing in at about 300 kilos, you don't want to tick one of them off – they're called "sea lions" for crying out loud.
Thankfully, these guys were more interested in saying hello than munging out on the divers' brains (which you can tell, given the fact McGregor was able to upload the footage to his Instagram account - something you need at least a semi-functioning brain for).
McGregor says on his YouTube account the friendly ocean mammals were "playing cheeky buggers" with him and McKay.
"…Watch for them chomping our heads," he says.
"Luckily the big sea dogs were just playing around."
Ah, the old "bite your head joke" - classic sea lions.

Sea lion's sneak 'attack' filmed by diver - Dannielle Maguire, Nine, 23 November 2016