Social Sustainability

The Social Sustainability Policy (the Policy) describes the Rottnest Island Authority’s (RIA) approach to maintaining a positive social environment within the Rottnest Island Reserve.

The Policy supports the RIA’s overarching Sustainability Policy and is consistent with the strategic direction of Rottnest Island.

The Island’s harmonious social environment is one of its main attractions to visitors and therefore, needs to be preserved and actively supported. The social environment contributes to the Island’s economic viability.

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Culturally significant sites on Wadjemup 

The Department of Aboriginal Affairs currently has 17 registered sites, which are culturally significant to Aboriginal peoples on Wadjemup. These sites are protected under provisions of the Aboriginal Heritage Act 1972.

Culturally significant sites are spread across the entire Island and include Dreaming sites, archaeological sites, and the burial ground.

The RIA recognises the cultural significance and sad history that Wadjemup holds for Aboriginal people and therefore its position of responsibility to ensure the Island is both appropriately managed and contributes towards economic and cultural opportunities for Aboriginal people.

Wadjemup Burial Ground 

Refer to the Wadjemup Aboriginal Burial Ground page for details or updates on this important project which aims to appropriately recognise and conserve the site.