Chamber of Commerce

The Rottnest Island Chamber of Commerce Inc. (RICC) is a group of commercial enterprises that operate on or around the Island and who work with the Rottnest Island Authority (RIA) to improve the island experience and visitation.

Originally established in 1997 as the Rottnest Island Business Community, the members voted in December 2013 to change its name to the Rottnest Island Chamber of Commerce Inc. (RICC).

The Chamber is committed to developing a deeper engagement with decision-makers, tourism bodies and enterprises to achieve its strategic objectives. These centre on enhancing visitor experience and increasing visitor numbers, in sustainable ways, for the benefit of all.


A voluntary, representative executive committee of seven leads the membership of around 25 businesses.

Membership of the Association is open to the Rottnest Island Authority, all Rottnest lessees, all boat companies, barge operators, airlines landing on Rottnest and any other party deemed appropriate by the Committee. A person who wishes to become a member shall apply for membership to the Committee in writing.

The Executive Committee

  • Chairman: Glenn Evans, The Lane Café, Simmo’s Rottnest
  • Executive Member: Greg Brindle, Rottnest Island General Store / Geordie Bay Store / Indianic
  • Executive Member: Glenn Gaynor, Rottnest Express
  • Executive Member: Garry Gosatti, Hotel Rottnest
  • Executive Member: Michael Sier, Pelagic Marine Services
  • Executive Member: Deb Carr, Rottnest Fast Ferries
  • Executive Member: Adam Barnard, Adams

Contact RICC
Glenn Evans:
Post: PO Box 515 Cottesloe WA 6911