Jaime’s sixth crossing a winner

Jamies sixth crossing a winner

CITY Beach resident Jaime Bowler (34) was the first female across the line at the Rottnest Channel Swim last Saturday after finishing just seconds behind the leader last year.

“I’m really ecstatic it’s over and it all went to plan,” Bowler said.

“I always tell everyone I’ll never do it again but this is my sixth crossing.”

Ben Freeman (18) was the first male across the line in 4.18:27 with Bradley Smith (25) second in 4.20:01 and Tom Dowling (25) third in 4.28:31.

Bowler and Freeman were ahead of their respective competitors at the 16km mark.

Freeman said he was feeling fatigued at the 16km mark.

“There were a lot of people around me catching me so that was definitely the toughest part,” he said.

Rhys Mainstone’s Rokeby Dental Team was the first team across the line and the first Champions of the Channel competitors to finish.

Mainstone, Patrick Hoey, Chris Paunich and Gregg Tidboald finished in 4.46:54.