Firey Cam fans flames of Rotto rivalry

Firey cams fans flames of Rotto rivalry

Some famous faces were among those who tackled the Rottnest Channel Swim. 

Representing the Bondi Rescue team, lifeguards Bruce “Hoppo” Hopkins and Harrison Reid joined Neighbours actor Matt Wilson and former Bachelorette Australia contestant Cam Cranley at Cottesloe Beach to chat with AAA Weekend.
While the buff boys from Bondi are determined to defend their 2016 winning title, Ten’s team — that includes Australian Survivor’s Lee Carseldine and Neighbours star Ben Hall — have a slightly less ambitious goal.
“We’re just trying to get there with ample time to have a beer,” Fremantle firefighter Cranley said with a laugh.
“We want to beat the Bondi guys but we’re very realistic about our chances. We’re hoping one of them gets a cramp or something.”
After completing the swim for the first time last year, Wilson said he was feeling a lot more confident. “The nerves last time absolutely killed me,” he said. “But I tell you what, Rottnest Island actually looks closer. Last year it was just a shadow on the horizon.”
With all eyes on the 2016 champions, Hopkins admitted he was starting to feel the pressure.
“We don’t really do a lot of training for it, to be honest, we just go through our normal day job,” he said. “(Our edge) is that we do a lot of swimming in the surf, whereas a lot of people train in the pool. So the only downside for us is that it’s going to be flat. We’ll still be giving it our best.”
The Ten teams, who are doing the swim to raise money for Radio Lollipop, visited sick children at Princess Margaret Hospital on Thursday.
“They are going through the worst part of their life, so if you can put a smile on their face it’s all worthwhile,” Hopkins said. 
“We get plenty of silly questions — mainly about sharks, that seems to be the hot topic.”

Firey Cam fans flames of Rotto rivalry - Rosanna Candler, The West Australian, 26 February 2017