All-women Indian navy crew on Rottnest for Carnivale

On Saturday, over 4,500 visitors flocked to Rottnest Island for the annual Rottnest Carnivale event, including the all-women Indian crew of the INSV Tarini who are visiting Perth as part of a global circumnavigation expedition.

The six women officers of the Indian Navy began their historic journey on 10 September 2017 to circumnavigate the world on the 55 foot Indian Naval Sailing Vessel (INSV) Tarini. This is the first time in India’s history that an all-women crew is attempting to circumnavigate the globe.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi sent his wishes to the INSV Tarini crew via Twitter:
‘Today is a special day! 6 women officers of the Navy begin their journey of circumnavigating the global onboard the INSV Tarini.
‘The entire nation comes together in wishing the all-women team… the very best in their remarkable endeavour.’

The crew docked in Perth this week, and was hosted by the Rottnest Island Authority on Rottnest Island during the Telethon-sponsored Carnivale event. The crew spent time capturing their very own quokka selfies, before touring the Island and enjoying the varied festivities on offer during Rottnest Carnivale.

The INSV Tarini is expected to anchor back in Goa in April 2018.