Wadjemup Bidi officially launched

Ngank Wen Bidi - walk trail around the West End

The final section of the Wadjemup Bidi was launched this week, completing the 45km network of walk trails on Rottnest Island.

Tourism Minister Paul Papalia officially opened the final section of the trail, Ngank Wen Bidi, which takes in the far reaches of the Island’s scenic West End.

Planned as a five year $8 million project, the five Wadjemup Bidi sections were delivered in four and a half years at $4,317,941, thanks in part to a partnership between Rottnest Foundation and BHP which made a significant contribution of $559,100 to the project. The partnership also enabled the acquisition of a $210,000 Tourism Demand Driver Infrastructure grant from the Australian Government.

Minister Paul Papalia said: “Wadjemup Bidi connects the Island’s unique natural features, abundance of wildlife and rich cultural heritage.

“The project was marked by an unprecedented level of cooperation and support from the community with volunteers, corporate partners, the Aboriginal community and Government working together.”

Environment Minister Stephen Dawson said: “Wadjemup Bidi is a low-impact trail which uses environmentally sensitive, long lifespan composites and materials made from single-use plastic bags for walkways, stairs and signage.

“The trail will greatly reduce environmental damage from visitors making their own way across coastal habitats and scrub heath while providing formal, safe access to this remarkable coastline.”

Details on the five sections of Wadjemup Bidi can be found here.