RVGA Suspend Guiding Activities

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The Rottnest Voluntary Guides Association (RVGA) has advised the Rottnest Island Authority that it will suspend guiding activities on the Island until further notice in light of the current state of emergency which exists in relation to COVID-19. In reaching this decision, the Guides had regard, amongst other things, to the risks posed to RVGA members and their families, and the risks associated with the many confined spaces that are part of the usual guiding program. 

RVGA provides a very important service to Island visitors, welcoming and orienting new visitors to the Island and providing specialised tours of many of the Island’s key attractions. RVGA are tremendous ambassadors for the Island and in many ways exemplify the best of the volunteering tradition in Australia. We are hopeful that conditions will allow the resumption of these RVGA activities at the earliest appropriate opportunity.