New Rottnest Island Management Plan approved

New Rottnest Island Management Plan approved

The Rottnest Island Management Plan (RIMP) for 2020-24 has now been finalised, with statutory approval granted by the Minister.

The RIMP 2020-24 sets out the Rottnest Island Authority’s priorities for the next five years in managing the Island and its associated waters.

It expires on December 31, 2024,

More than 60 submissions were received when the draft RIMP was released for public consultation last year.

As a result of the submissions, several changes were made to the plan, including coastal hazard management issues and additional clarity on the development approval process (including environmental, heritage and Ministerial approvals) for any new development.

The RIMP 2020-24 has been divided into four strategic focus areas:

  • Diversify the visitor base and enhance visitor experience;
  • Strengthen Island infrastructure and services;
  • Engage with the Island's environment and cultural heritage; and
  • Establish a new way of doing business.

The focus areas are supported by 18 key initiatives designed to promote new developments and business opportunities on the Island, while retaining the Island's character and accessibility.

Click here to view the RIMP 2020-24.