ADAMS announces fees for accommodation shuttle bus

ADAMS new shuttle bus fees

ADAMS operates transport services on Rottnest Island including the accommodation shuttle bus service, Island Explorer, Grand Island Tour and the train.

From 1 September 2017, ADAMS are introducing a fee for the shuttle bus that operates seven days per week between the Settlement, Kingstown Barracks, the airport and Geordie Bay.

The fee will apply to the shuttle from the Main Settlement Bus Stop to Kingstown Barracks or Geordie Bay.

The fee will be:

• $3 per person per day (flat fee)

• $5 per person per week (7 days)

• Children under 5 years travel free

Island Explorer tickets will include the shuttle bus service.

Visitors are encouraged to pre-purchase tickets online at prior to arrival. Tickets can otherwise be purchased from the Visitor Centre, Main Bus Stop or from the shuttle driver.